Tony's Screws Mugen Starter Box Conversion

Tony's Screws Mugen Starter Box Conversion

Tony's Screws Mugen Starter Box Conversion


Start your Mugen MBX5/R buggy and MBX5T truggy on one box! No more lugging two starter boxes. Save money on that second box and second set of batteries.


Kit comes with hardware, spring steel buttons, template and instructions. Kit requires drilling and dremeling your starter box top plate.


Just drop the buggy on the box and it aligns with the retractable buttons. Drop the truggy on the box and the retractable buttons compress and the rear of the chassis aligns with the rear alignment pegs. No sliding or adjusting parts around.


I've been asked if this setup would work for other buggys and truggys besides the MBX5/R and MBX5T, but I only own the two Mugen cars so I do not know how it will work with the X1CR/X1CRT, 8IGHT/8T, 777WC/KSTR/RR, etc. So if you own these other cars/trucks you would have to test out the set up.


To test your car/truck:

1] Remove the rear pegs on your current starter box.

2] Align the front pegs so that the flywheel aligns with the starter wheel (you may want to adjust the pegs so the flywheel is as far forward as possible on the starter wheel).

3] Drop the truck on the box and check the flywheel to starter wheel alignment.


If you can get both cars to align with the front pegs then the setup should work. On my MBX5R, I have the front starter box pegs adjusted so that the flywheel aligns with the front half of the starter wheel. When I drop my MBX5T on the box the flywheel will align with the rear half of the starter wheel. If the chassis are not too far off from your buggy to the truggy, my guess is that most will work the same way where the flywheel will ride on the starter wheel in the front or back depending on if its the car or truck.


I've also been asked if this modification would work on the new Ofna starter box, the Kyosho starter box, etc. I have only tested it on my Mugen starter box but I see no reason why it would not work with other "similar" boxes.


UPDATE... I recently built a new Mugen MBX6 buggy and Mugen MBX6T truggy. Unfortunately the two chassis plates are very different from one another, not like the X5/X5T. But I refuse to buy and lug around a second starter box so I updated my starter box with a second set of retractable pegs in the front. The MBX6 buggy lines up with all four retractable pegs. Then when I place the MBX6T truggy on the box all four retractable pegs compress and the chassis lines up with the four short pegs. The Mugen starter box comes with short pegs (used with a flat head screw) but you can use a 4mm countersunk washer with a 4mm flat head screw and nut for short pegs if you don't have any that came with your box. You may also be able to use a shorter screw on the taller pegs and cut them down. We'll have a second starter box conversion kit that comes with four retractable pegs and updated instructions with pictures soon.

Tony's Screws Mugen Starter Box Conversion
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